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Thank you for visiting Hair thickening Products Website – we list the best selling and most effective hair thickening products and visually display them, explaining which work, which don’t and the reasons behind each.

Due to a large amount of hair thickening products coming into the UK and US markets constantly, there is a serious and real need to separate the real ones from the ones that are there to work on your emotions, rather than actual real evidence behind their ability to work, as well as reviews to back them up; please also see our blog post on the best supplements for hair growth; where supplements are specifically discussed in great detail – and top supplements are rated and reviewed.

There are 2 main types of hair thickening products:

1. Actual products to help your hair grow thicker

There are rare and far fetched, and are not commonly known by everyone, because nobody will go online and share on their social media site, stating that they had a hair problem, and such and such product helped resolve it effectively – this is just not part of human behaviour in modern society as it is something personal and not shared.

This is why effective treatments for conditions some people might call embarrassing are sometimes not commonly known – perhaps within a family, but rarely outside – although this trend is already changing, but its important to mention this as some people often state that “if there was a cure, there will be nobody with the problem” – which is not true, because things that work, are not always mentioned openly – especially with conditions like hair, skin or similar issues.

These products do exist, but they don’t advertise as hair growers or such – because the pharmacutical indsutry has banned any product, to use the word cure, or treat, if it is a natural product.

2. Products to make your hair artificially look thicker (like make up for the hair) 

There are another line of products, and most hair loss products fall into this category. Basically this line is designed to make you think your hair will either improve in growth, or re-grow, by carefully wording the labels.

There are two main ways that companies do this – one way is by artificially increasing the hair shaft thickness, making the hair appear to have thickened, but this is very temporary as the chemical doing this needs to be re-applied – this can induce inflammation which is counterproductive to actually keeping your hair in the first place.

So using hair make-up (often marketed as a hair thickening product) can cause further hair problems after 3-6 months of use, and is not recommended.

The other type of artificial hair products work is by stating a whole long list of vitamins and even a dash of aloe vera and state that all these ingredients help your hair growth (again, they are still marketed within the hair thickening products category, when they don’t actually do this) – these products actually seem like they have science behind them, but they are just targeting a different group of audience who are looking for real solutions.

Mixing ingredients in the manner most shampoos and hair thickening products do, simply never work, and are trying to show that they have done intensive research, sometimes even add something odd, which might make it stand out (such as caffeine) and be memorable – but these products are just not actual evidence based products – only packaged to look like it.

For example, caffeine based shampoos often state that they did studies – but when we had a closer looked, the study was conducted in a petri dish, not on a human being, and the hair itself was growing artificially in an environment not affected by our hormones, diet or anything, so of course this will make it seem like caffeine makes hair thicker, but in reality, the hair is growing better because its just not getting the stress it gets from the hormones, inflammation and our diet everyday.

So are there hair thickening products that work solely and proven scientifically to naturally thicken hair?

Legally, many cannot say they do it, even if there are – this is because the pharmaceutical industry has put a ban on saying anything natural can help cure or resolve a health condition.

Yes there are hair thickening tools that work, but they are hard to find – this is why we created the chart above, showing the products that have best been known  to work, and constantly working – which have verified reviews by ourselves, and the right science backing each formula.

Currently the Taoist soap and the Immortal’s Oil are the most effective – they become more effective when combined with an exercise, diet and scalp massage program – as well as the users ability to cope with emotional stress – believe it or not, emotional stress has a direct effect on the hair follicles; emotions are closely related with hormones, and if you constantly are emotionally stressed, you will released the wrong types of hormones constantly, and this will have a toll on your whole body, let alone just your hair – so thoughts management is important, and a good exercise routine will surely help keep emotionally stable and not be affected by emotional situations (in the sense of being extreme with emotions – which is unhealthy for you anyway).

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