Niacin results on hair fall for men and women – Does it help?

 Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is known to increase circulation to the body’s areas where circulation has slowed down, or stopped. It has been found that it is very effective in repairing the body relating to nerves and circulation – can this help patients with hair fall (hair loss) when taken over long term […]

Stopping Sexual Intercourse help with Hair Growth?

Can stopping or reducing sexual activity (including masturbation) help with growing thicker hair? This has been the question asked again and again, on various hair loss forums, medical forums and even answer and question websites. The problem is, they are trying to answer a question that is based on eastern medicine, to western doctors, who […]

Best Supplements for Hair Growth – Top Rated List

 There are lots of supplements that are sold as hair growth supplements; some work, some don’t, and some actually harm you than do any good at all. The ones that harm you are easy to find, as they are not derived from food based sources, and are synthetic – it is best to stay away from […]

Diet to Increase hair density – 5 Must know Secrets

 There are a lot myths surrounding hair growth and increasing hair density, either with food, or anything else. The main misunderstanding is, that you can change hair growth and density with just changing or improving 1 aspect of your life – like diet, or exercise. It is true that nutritious food is essential for hair […]

Products to Thicken Hair – Top Rated and Reviewed

There are many products to thicken hair growth in men and women – but how to know if the product is made to simply artificially enhance hair, or genuinely cause new hair growth, is what will make or break your hair growth regime plan. There is currently a big problem in the EU and US markets […]

Monistat for Hair Growth Reviews

The Monistat cream has been around a while – with a new apparent use, of possibly helping hair growth. We look into if it works, and Monistat reviews by third party users and their results on hair growth from it – if any. We also will explain and look into why this would even works if […]