Best Supplements for Hair Growth – Top Rated List

best supplements for hair growth There are lots of supplements that are sold as hair growth supplements; some work, some don’t, and some actually harm you than do any good at all.

The ones that harm you are easy to find, as they are not derived from food based sources, and are synthetic – it is best to stay away from such pills and supplements that are synthetic until we have more research on them.

As for the best supplements for hair growth – there are only a handful of really effective supplements that can help you grow thicker hair, better quality hair, and possibly push new hair growth if you have been suffering from thinner hair (even if genetically prone to it).

The top products and supplements for hair growth are as follows:

1. Collagen: One of the most important supplement for hair growth is called Collagen – best supplement for hair growth 2supplementation from this alone, will show  you results in 2-3 weeks. You do need to know the best quality of collagen, most suitable for your body and it’s ability to absorb it. The one we recommend is a green version of the Great lakes brand called “Great Lakes Gelatin, Collagen Hydrolysate” – you can find it in amazon or other online stores – it is a high quality product (as you would expect from us to recommend).

Collagen is an essential part of the skin and hair – and by supplementing it, you don’t actually absorb the collagen itself, as the body (stomach) breaks this down – you absorb the building blocks for collagen, in the correct ratios needed to push collagen production in the body. This is why supplementation actually works – as some people are confused as to why they should supplement from something like this, that breaks down in the body; so it is important to understand, that the building blocks in collagen itself, are most suitable (logically) for rebuilding the body’s own production. In today’s time, most people can do with collagen supplementation – but be sure to add bone soup into your regime as this helps a lot and is also rich in collagen.

2. Taoist Soap: Whilst this is not exactly a supplement, it is important to help stop inflammation in the taoist soap NEW2016scalp, and this soap does exactly that. Inflammation is one of the main causes of slower hair growth, and thinning hair. If you can manage to stop this by products, and improving diet, then you can resolve inflammation to a large extent (to be able to see great results).

3. B-Complex Vitamins: These are getting popular as time goes on. People can feel the difference on how well they work, although they don’t know exactly why. Biotin is also included in this list of B-complex.

We will tell you; these work more on stopping your anxiety, stress levels that even you may not be aware of anymore (as you have been inside that stress for so long, the body has adopted to ignore it). This is an essential supplement to take, even if you aren’t intending for hair growth – it will give a stronger barrier, naturally, from stress – and allow healing to take place from emotional trauma.

We recommend buying from the brand called Solgar – as we have tried and tested their products time and time again. Do not try to go for cheap alternatives, as you can find very cheap B-complex pills; these are simply poor quality b-complex which do not absorb into the body and are a waste of money.

4. Biotin: This is included in the B-complex pills; but often it is beneficial to take a higher dosage of the supplement from time to time and see how it goes. Taking this 4 weeks on, 2 weeks off is a great way to see how effective this is for increasing hair growth speed, thickness and quality.

The supplements mentioned above will all work on the lowest factor for you and your body – so if your worst part about the hair is slow hair growth – it will work on that first, if it is thinner hair but fast growing, it will work on thickening hair growth (naturally). None of the supplements or products mentioned will interact with medicine you might be taking – but you should still consult with a doctor just to be sure.

When taking supplements such as above – you should always take them after or during a meal – so if you are taking a B-complex vitamin – take it with foods rich in B-complex – this will allow the body to absorb more of the vitamin (most people have a problem with absorbing vitamins, even if they take them consistently).

Restoring your hair growth to normal levels is not that hard – but understand that this requires a strong regime for best results – no one product will give you all the answers. You should have a strong exercise program 3-4 times a week – and also do scalp massage on a daily basis (this helps keep circulation open). If you find it hard to scalp massage daily, then I suggest getting a scalp massage machine from online – and doing it daily will help keep the scalp well circulated (it gets blocked easily as the vessels there are very thin).

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