Does cutting hair constantly help hair get thicker?

hair growth and detox

This is a very common question, and often older family members teach younger ones how shaving your head, or trimming will make your hair grow better.

But the truth is, it only makes it look better – but does not actually grow.

If you think about it logicaly, how can you stop inflammation by just cutting the hair? We already know inflammation as the root cause of all hair loss, even genetic hair loss, hormone hair loss and any other stress induced hair loss – all boil down to one factor: Inflammation in the scalp.

The best way to get rid of inflammation is by diet and localized herbs on the scalp – diet changes are long term and you have to remove foods that cause inflammation – and inflammation basically feeds off of sugar in the body – the more sugar you eat, the highier inflammation you will and can get.

Not only this, but sugar will mess with your hormones, not just insulin – so you will mess up your hair even further with sugar abuse.

If you have been a sweet tooth – you need to realize, sugar means fat too, it also means high calorie carbs too – and when you have abused sugar like this in the past, you must go on a diet of lean beef and spinich to help reverse the damage done to hormones, and then in turn hair growth.

The other way to handle inflammation is localized – and this is by using hair thickening products like the Taoist soap, listed on our homepage as the top hair thickening product of the last 5 years – but you still cannot only rely on products, you need to use them in conjunction with diet, and even exercise as well as scalp massage.

If you just do the things listed on this post – we promise, you will see results – you can email us if you don’t and we will investigate why – but if you do this regime for at least 3 months – with diet included, then we promise you will see results – they will vary for each person, but long term, it will help slow down hair loss, increase hair density and much more.


Niacin results on hair fall for men and women – Does it help?

beauty and hair fall Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is known to increase circulation to the body’s areas where circulation has slowed down, or stopped. It has been found that it is very effective in repairing the body relating to nerves and circulation – can this help patients with hair fall (hair loss) when taken over long term to increase hair growth density?

New study done in September 2017 by Richard Frankson in New Jersey, USA says that Niacin can help with hair growth and increasing hair density for patients, but the exact cause is not verified 100% – although they have a lot of reason to believe that increased blood circulation in the area of the scalp and back of the neck, as well as repairing of nerves around the body (which is something we know niacin does) causes reduced anxiety, allowing the lost hair to regrow to some extent.

This is a great example of how vitamin dosage, when done right, can help patients with hair fall, and do not know what the cause of it is – and want to get their beauty back (if they feel this is part of their beauty).

There are various hair thickening products out there that are artificially enhancing but do not actually help new hair growth, or stop further hair loss – but at least for temporary fixes, they can help – on the other side, there are some products here, that can help with finding a better solution.


Diabetes does mean couch potato, and that means hair thinning

exercise and hair

As the title of this post suggests – many people will wonder why such an absolute title (apart from trying to attract new readers) – there is a lot of truth in lack of exercise, and diabetes causing hair loss and aging.

The good news is, no matter what your age is, you can still reverse and regenerate depending on how dedicated you are – you don’t have to climb mount everest – you just have to beat your personal best – even if that is walking 5 minutes a day – after a week, beat that to 10 minutes a day, and so on – and even add more types of exercises. It is now understood that diabetes can be reversed with diet and exercise, please read here.

The point is to increase body maintenance at your comfort zone – we always talk about getting out of the comfort zone, but when it comes to exercising, if you push too hard, or think you need to do a lot to get real results with improving health or just to help hair growth, you can easily break down, and this is not the way most people start off anyway – even the best of athletes out there, start at their comfort zone, master it, and build up tiny step at a time.

Yes, some days are harder, some aren’t – point is consistently doing the exercises, to maintain your body.

The body is like a car – if you maintain it, you can last looking great till your last breathe on this earth – sorry if that is too dramatic, but this is how it is from one way of looking at it – not trying to make you feel bad or anything – life is beautiful, and I feel like I should post about taking care of your health and body and emotional well being, just as much as anything else – it too has a right to be here, after all, that is part of the quality of life in the 21st century.

I am not a vain person myself – but I rather keep a healthy body, that looks good – but hey, even I don’t have 6 pack abs – I am just referring to constant healthy maintenance of the body, it goes a long way – more than doctors can tell you actually (partly because they just haven’t studied the natural aspects of the body, only the pharmaceutical disease side).

Top exercises for hair growth:

– Scalp massage

– Cardio exercises (that make you breathless for 30 minutes a day)

– Weight training (not very heavy weights, just enough to make you work)

– Yoga/Qigong exercises to help ligament development and prevent degeneration over time (must be done regularly to get the benefits)

DO share this post for good karma and to spread awareness of how easy it is to get yourself up and running and walking.


Stopping Sexual Intercourse help with Hair Growth?

stop sexual activity for hair growth

Can stopping or reducing sexual activity (including masturbation) help with growing thicker hair?

This has been the question asked again and again, on various hair loss forums, medical forums and even answer and question websites.

The problem is, they are trying to answer a question that is based on eastern medicine, to western doctors, who don’t have a clue on what factors are involved when the body ejucalates.

The first thing to understand is, the human body does not sacrifice itself for another organ – so if the heart does not function well, another organ will not intentionally sacrifice and take on the job, unless it has no choice – EXCEPT ONE – it WILL sacrifice itself, its nutrients, its energy, for procreation – this means, it will eat up your internal organs, to allow for sperm development, sperm growth, and eventually, telling you to impregnate one health female (or mate with a healthy male).

This is simply there to make sure humanity does not go extinct – and from an eastern medical viewpoint, you cannot expect to get results of any kind, when you constantly release this kind of energy outside of your body, and your body has to keep regenerating this for you, to the expense of your own health – and this really is the bottom line – if you want to wait for scientific studies to come out to prove this, then you are risking your own health.

One misconception is – people think this applies only to men – but it ALSO applies to women – yes they do release sexual fluids which drain their own system – it’s just we usually can’t see that.

So does this mean you need to become celibate for life to have healthy hair?

Not really, but you have to understand, society has gone towards sexualizing everything, and constantly reminds you have sex – this makes one feel they need to be doing this all the time, otherwise they are not considered socially acceptable.

It just means you regulate your sexual activity – try not having sexual release for 2 months – this means not even thinking about it (as it releases sexual hormones just by thinking about it) – and see how well you feel.

There was a reason why many boxers used to stay celibate 3-4 weeks before their big fight – one just have to observe with common sense, rather than always look around for scientific research.

You can start small, and choose to stay celibate and release once a month and have great sex – but only once a month – this alone will do wonders for your health, let alone hair growth.



Will Liver and Kidney Detox Regrow Hair?

liver detox for hair growth There is a lot of hype on detox these days thanks to the celebrities online and offline – but will liver and kidney detox help with regrowing thicker hair?

In chinese medicine, the Kidneys control the hair on the head, and in this respect, there are ways to help tonify the Kidneys to help as a general way, towards pushing new hair growth – although a regime is important if you really wish to grow thicker hair and regrow hair, as this is different from individual to individual.

Another place where toxins gather is the Liver, and this still manifests in the eyes – whilst not having a direct relation with hair on the scalp, it still has relation with nerves, and these need to be strong if the daily stresses of life are to not affect your hormone system – as increased release of the stress hormone cortisol can also have a negative impact – not only that, weak nerves can also work to tighten the blood circulation, which also prevents new hair growth, let alone keeping the current hair maintained and looking healthy.

What is the best way to detox the Liver and Kidney for health and hair growth?

The generally best way that can be done long term is using organic fruit based vinegar (but not apple cider, as this can affect teeth negatively) – you can find these vinegars in Korean markets or shops like Hmart (available in USA, and UK and also a lot of the EU). These vinegars do not label themselves as organic, usually, but thanks to strict Korean government standards, this still means organic, as they do not allow pesticides in most of the produce from Korea.

To use the vinegar, you take 1 teaspoon of the vinegar, and mix it in half a glass of water – and drink it once a day. Do not take it more than once a day, as this will have negative effects if done long term.

Mixing this in water makes it easier to take, and also helps spread this to the liver and kidneys – over time, this also starts to detox the scalp, the vessels in the body, other organs, the intestines and everything else – but this is long term use – and should be thought of that way – so you can do this for years.

This also will help those who suffer from acid problems, and also improve nutrient absorption. After two weeks of use, you can already see hair growth is better quality; as long as you are eating enough nutrition (take collagen supplements if you don’t already).

You can also try some of the top hair thickening products on our website. But don’t rely on any one single product; do the above first for at least a month, and then start with any products. Also learn more about hair loss so you know what you are dealing with.



Best Supplements for Hair Growth – Top Rated List

best supplements for hair growth There are lots of supplements that are sold as hair growth supplements; some work, some don’t, and some actually harm you than do any good at all.

The ones that harm you are easy to find, as they are not derived from food based sources, and are synthetic – it is best to stay away from such pills and supplements that are synthetic until we have more research on them.

As for the best supplements for hair growth – there are only a handful of really effective supplements that can help you grow thicker hair, better quality hair, and possibly push new hair growth if you have been suffering from thinner hair (even if genetically prone to it).

The top products and supplements for hair growth are as follows:

1. Collagen: One of the most important supplement for hair growth is called Collagen – best supplement for hair growth 2supplementation from this alone, will show  you results in 2-3 weeks. You do need to know the best quality of collagen, most suitable for your body and it’s ability to absorb it. The one we recommend is a green version of the Great lakes brand called “Great Lakes Gelatin, Collagen Hydrolysate” – you can find it in amazon or other online stores – it is a high quality product (as you would expect from us to recommend).

Collagen is an essential part of the skin and hair – and by supplementing it, you don’t actually absorb the collagen itself, as the body (stomach) breaks this down – you absorb the building blocks for collagen, in the correct ratios needed to push collagen production in the body. This is why supplementation actually works – as some people are confused as to why they should supplement from something like this, that breaks down in the body; so it is important to understand, that the building blocks in collagen itself, are most suitable (logically) for rebuilding the body’s own production. In today’s time, most people can do with collagen supplementation – but be sure to add bone soup into your regime as this helps a lot and is also rich in collagen.

2. Taoist Soap: Whilst this is not exactly a supplement, it is important to help stop inflammation in the taoist soap NEW2016scalp, and this soap does exactly that. Inflammation is one of the main causes of slower hair growth, and thinning hair. If you can manage to stop this by products, and improving diet, then you can resolve inflammation to a large extent (to be able to see great results).

3. B-Complex Vitamins: These are getting popular as time goes on. People can feel the difference on how well they work, although they don’t know exactly why. Biotin is also included in this list of B-complex.

We will tell you; these work more on stopping your anxiety, stress levels that even you may not be aware of anymore (as you have been inside that stress for so long, the body has adopted to ignore it). This is an essential supplement to take, even if you aren’t intending for hair growth – it will give a stronger barrier, naturally, from stress – and allow healing to take place from emotional trauma.

We recommend buying from the brand called Solgar – as we have tried and tested their products time and time again. Do not try to go for cheap alternatives, as you can find very cheap B-complex pills; these are simply poor quality b-complex which do not absorb into the body and are a waste of money.

4. Biotin: This is included in the B-complex pills; but often it is beneficial to take a higher dosage of the supplement from time to time and see how it goes. Taking this 4 weeks on, 2 weeks off is a great way to see how effective this is for increasing hair growth speed, thickness and quality.

The supplements mentioned above will all work on the lowest factor for you and your body – so if your worst part about the hair is slow hair growth – it will work on that first, if it is thinner hair but fast growing, it will work on thickening hair growth (naturally). None of the supplements or products mentioned will interact with medicine you might be taking – but you should still consult with a doctor just to be sure.

When taking supplements such as above – you should always take them after or during a meal – so if you are taking a B-complex vitamin – take it with foods rich in B-complex – this will allow the body to absorb more of the vitamin (most people have a problem with absorbing vitamins, even if they take them consistently).

Restoring your hair growth to normal levels is not that hard – but understand that this requires a strong regime for best results – no one product will give you all the answers. You should have a strong exercise program 3-4 times a week – and also do scalp massage on a daily basis (this helps keep circulation open). If you find it hard to scalp massage daily, then I suggest getting a scalp massage machine from online – and doing it daily will help keep the scalp well circulated (it gets blocked easily as the vessels there are very thin).

If you found this article helpful, please do share with family and friends.


Diet to Increase hair density – 5 Must know Secrets

food which is good for hair There are a lot myths surrounding hair growth and increasing hair density, either with food, or anything else. The main misunderstanding is, that you can change hair growth and density with just changing or improving 1 aspect of your life – like diet, or exercise.

It is true that nutritious food is essential for hair growth and density; so let’s first start with the best diet for increasing hair density.

First and foremost, a lean meat (beef) diet is important; combined with steamed leafy greens. This combination strengthens the hormone system even if you stay on the diet for 2 weeks (only beef and spinach, with lamb, chick and white fish sometimes to mix it up).

This diet will give you enough protein and nutrients for fast and thicker hair growth – but the secret to really seeing results is by changing your diet, and then also adding the following things on top:

– Scalp Massage: This is the most misunderstood exercise you can do; also the most powerful. It will unblock and detox the scalp if done only 15 minutes a day. Use this to your advantage and increase hair density by scalp massage.

– Exercise for lungs: The lungs are the main detoxifier of the body (many people do not know this). If you exercise and get breathless for at least 30 minutes a day, then you can push new hair growth out on the scalp. This is because it will push blood flow to the extremities (which is key in increasing hair density) and the stronger lungs will actually detox the body better, removing inflammation from the body (inflammation is a main cause of hair thinning for most men and women).

– Anti-inflammatory products: There are products out there that can help push the hair growth, but you need to be already doing the above to get a great chance to get significant hair growth. Please see our homepage for the top rated hair thickening products in the industry.

The real secret is to combine the above, and stay consistent – you will be surprised why not more people have thicker hair; and the reason is they give up quickly, and doubt easily, so they cannot stay consistent enough to start seeing positive results.

Bonus: If you wash your scalp with a cold water after a shower (top of head only, not the back of the head), this helps hair growth. But make sure you have done scalp massage on a daily basis. This is an eastern method that works, and is based on the understanding that heat (hormone) rises to the top of the head, and this can burn hair follicles – to stop this from progressing, is to cool the top part from the hormonal heat (this is an eastern medical terminology).

Now you know the secrets that most people don’t; and thousands of articles online don’t and simply list silly oils and remedies for hair growth which really don’t work at all.


Does Sugar make your hair fall out?

does sugar make your hair fall out

People often have asked us emailing or commenting about sugar’s relation with hair loss; and if sugar can cause hair loss or make hair fall out faster?

It is not a simply question to answer in a small answer; but generally, if you already have some kind of hormone problem (which you may or may not know, as today, many people do have some kind of hormone problem) – then it is likely that sugar is your number one enemy.

But what do we mean by sugar? 

Sugar means all kinds of foods. From all carbohydrates, including rice, bread and pasta; to all fruits and many vegetables too. And of course all fats and actual natural or processed sugar.
People with a hormone problem will suffer more hair loss when eating sugar related foods such as listed above – as their average blood sugar level is way too high.

In fact, they are so used to having such high sugar levels, they feel they need to eat just when the sugar levels reduce to normal or healthy levels.

You can think of it from an aging point of view – because sugar increases aging, and this is known very clearly as it contributes to high calorie diets. World hair research also pointed this out in this study of insulin hormone resistance.

The study also shows that reduced calorie has an anti aging effect – this has been known for a long time now, and this will affect your thick hair in many ways than just one.

When looking at it from an Eastern medical point of view; they do also say that sugar will help clogging of vessels and further create hormone imbalance, and that to correct it, a lean meat and leafy green diet is to be adhered to; this means you only have beef and leafy greens for a period of time, anywhere from 3 months to 1 year and a half.

This diet alone will actually resolve all sugar related imbalances, and the person can actually eat sugar again without getting the huge negative side effects they were getting such as hair loss and feeling low of energy (hence the vicious cycle of wanting sugar to give it a boost). Leafy greens include anything that looks like its leafy green excluding lettuce leaves. Ideally it should only be beef and spinach (steamed leaves not raw) – but you can add chicken and lamb and white fish – but if you get inflammation of any kind, then go back to beef as the other meats are considered hot and may induce inflammation that you are already prone towards.

The above really does sum it up – yes sugar can cause hair loss, and yes if you are diabetic, this is surely having a contribution towards thinning hair; but the good news is, that changing the diet will help heal this problem – it is not commonly known, and western doctors are not aware of this as much as they should be (although some very good ones do know) – it is a hard diet to stick to, but it will really renew your system and you will look years younger, not only because of the hair growth, but also because your skin and eyes will brighten.


Products to Thicken Hair – Top Rated and Reviewed

Products to Thicken Hair

There are many products to thicken hair growth in men and women – but how to know if the product is made to simply artificially enhance hair, or genuinely cause new hair growth, is what will make or break your hair growth regime plan.

There is currently a big problem in the EU and US markets as they seem to have more trust in products as they think that due to strict marketing regulations, claims on products are very carefully taken care of, so they can trust whatever the company advertises on the product advert or packaging.

Many companies can get away with making general claims about products, and by adding certain ingredients in the product in a certain amount, they can easily say that their product will help hair growth and thickening, when in reality, it artificially inflates the hair shaft, not only causing more inflammation (which is the cause of why your hair is thinning in the first place!) but also thinning the hair over long term use (so you need to use more of the apparent hair thickening product).

So what Hair Thickening Products are there THAT ACTUALLY FRIKKEN WORK?

There are some – but that does not mean you should rely on them – these can be found on our homepage here:

The homepage is updated on a monthly basis to make sure it is updated with the latest updated hair thickening products out there, from the furthest west to the furthest east (we like applying both eastern and western medicine to understand why each product may or may not work and how to make it work for someone not getting as good results as the next person).

So will these products grow my hair just after using?

You need to understand natural hair growth and any NATURAL way to heal or renew the body requires you to review all aspects of your life – there is a reason it is called holistic – it is whole. Looks at the whole body – meaning all aspects, including emotions, mental, body – which means your relationships (affects stress and hormones in your body) to your diet (affects how your body deals with stress and hormones including inflammation).

So for example, if there is someone who has a habit of over-reacting to certain situations; it is likely that their body response is similar when it comes to inflammation; which can respond more than needed, and cause damage – (inflammation is the key cause of hair thinning in men and women – even if you have a hormone problem, genetic or anything else!).

So you should build a regime, we aren’t affiliated with any of the companies we list on the website – but we like to give you the best methods, tools and products out there – so be open enough to understand things involved, before going through the scrutinizing process that we all do in the background.


Monistat for Hair Growth Reviews

monistat for hair growth reviews

The Monistat cream has been around a while – with a new apparent use, of possibly helping hair growth. We look into if it works, and Monistat reviews by third party users and their results on hair growth from it – if any.

We also will explain and look into why this would even works if at all – and the limitations and side effects of applying it on the scalp and hair for hair growth.

Miconazole Nitrate is the ingredient that is in the Monistat cream – and some people have been claiming that it is being used for hair growth, and from the looks of it, it is only an anti-fungal cream, and is designed to fight fungal infections.

From third party reviews of the Monistat cream; it seems like people do not get new hair growth from using it; only a small percentage (less than 1%) have reported they do get results from this that are worthwhile – but according to our research team, they say that if results are less than 20% , then it is likely simply a placebo effect.

This means that the actual cream is not working, but only an effect called placebo effect, which somehow improves the condition (even if you are using another cream or product) – this is measured under 20% – anything over this is not a placebo effect category.

So is Monistat worth buying for growing new hair for men or women?

From the research, we found that it is better to actually use an anti-inflammatory product, to help regrow hair, as well as combine it with scalp massage and exercises (cardio). Please see our list of the top hair thickening products chart here. it shows the most effective products that are known for helping hair growth, as well as ones that don’t work at all.

The only case an anti-fungal cream will work for hair growth is that if you actually had a scalp fungus infection – and even then, it would need more powerful topical applications to get rid of this infection – including keeping the hair clean and washed, as well as applying relevant anti-fungal cream on the scalp.  If you still suffer from inflammation, or an itchy scalp, then it is better to use the other products listed on our homepage – as they help resolve this almost instantly.