Can Diabetes affect hair loss?

diabeties and hair loss

If you have Diabetes, and suffering from thin hair, I have some bad news and good news for you – the bad news is that you may have to fight harder to get thicker hair growth, as the sugar concentration and sugar orientated diet has damaged your hair growth potential; unless you can fully resolve your diet, and avoid fats and sugar for long term – and have a primary diet of lean meats (beef ideally) for at least 3-6 months.

The good news is that if you take care of the diet, and are able to find time to do 20 minutes of scalp massage on a daily basis, you don’t even need to buy any of the hair growth products we have listed on our website – as diet is the main issue with diabetics, as well as exercise (you must push yourself to do more exercise).

Does it depend on what type of diabetes?

Not really – both of them are understood as a problem in the diet and the hormone insulin. And the only way to really fix this is to either hardly eat much and ration foods, or go on a pure lean meat diet and leafy greens (not brocolli, but leafy greens like steamed spinach).

Increased amount of exercise will use up the fatty layers in the body (even if you are not overweight) – using this extra sugar in the blood up is important, because it will allow hair growth to occur once the sugar is used up –¬†this is because inflammation feeds off of sugar in the blood, and if this is completely gone, then there is no way that inflammation can occur – and hair is allowed a chance to grow (with scalp massage pushing out the blockages that may have occurred.

Please see this¬†article on scalp massage for hair growth and how it works. It explains how vessels in the scalp get clogged easily – and just as easily, they get un-clogged, if you regularly scalp massage for 20 mins a day – after you get your results, you won’t need to continue to do this (unless you start losing again after years).

If you are looking for hair thickening products that actually work, then please look at our homepage which lists them in order of importance and effectivity.