Best Oil for Regrowing Hair and Naturally Thickening Hair

  There are many types of oils out there – each having a history of some kind of results into hair growth; but nobody is sure which one rates better. The oil differs in the country you are located – usually in india, people talk about castor oil being best – and sometimes coconut oil […]

Is Biotin Good for hair growth – Reviews and Analysis

Biotin has been linked with hair growth¬†– but how effective is it at increasing hair growth rate as well as thickening hair? Reviews and other details will be covered from all over the forums and verified user feedback. Upon searching for biotin – it seems reviews are mixed – some negative, saying that their hair […]

Does Improving Health, also Improve Hair Growth?

Is there a correlation with hair growth and health of the person? or is it simply down to genetics and health plays no part? This question is asked way too many times in forums of hair loss for men and women – and its time to debunk some myths and misconceptions about this. Health has […]

Is it even Possible to increase hair growth Speed?

We already know and understand that hair needs a certain amount of nutrition and blood circulation for it to grow at a relatively fast speed – but is it possible to grow hair speed even faster? Of course it is – have you never seen a guy who shaves his beard hair everyday? Hair can […]