Products to Thicken Hair – Top Rated and Reviewed

There are many products to thicken hair growth in men and women – but how to know if the product is made to simply artificially enhance hair, or genuinely cause new hair growth, is what will make or break your hair growth regime plan. There is currently a big problem in the EU and US markets […]

Best Oil for Regrowing Hair and Naturally Thickening Hair

  There are many types of oils out there – each having a history of some kind of results into hair growth; but nobody is sure which one rates better. The oil differs in the country you are located – usually in india, people talk about castor oil being best – and sometimes coconut oil […]

Hair thickening Shampoos and Products – The Major Problem and Solution

Hair thickening shampoos and similar products are more popular than ever – but there is a major problem which needs to be understood, so a solution can arise from this; if you understand the deception being played, you can then search for a real solution rather than waste your time and money. The biggest problem […]

Does Scalp Massage Help Thickening Hair Growth?

  Scalp massage is often talked about as a hair thickening technique, for those who want better quality hair, and those who want to combat hair thinning problems they get as they grow older, or premature aging. Does Scalp massage help thickening hair? or growing new hair for men and women? What are the studies […]

How Can You Make Your Hair Grow Fast

People often ask how can one make their hair grow faster – and although it is answered in many creative ways, the proven methods are rarely even discussed, let alone how natural healing even works. Due to the pharmaceutical industry as the primary source for most people’s way of taking care of themselves, most people […]

Liver and Kidney Detox for Naturally Thickening Hair Growth

We often look for hair growth products in the sense of shampoos and creams for the scalp, or even pills for hair growth – but often, the most powerful thing you can do for yourself is detox once a month, for helping with powerful hair regrowth and hair thickening. It is understood that the Liver […]

Does Improving Health, also Improve Hair Growth?

Is there a correlation with hair growth and health of the person? or is it simply down to genetics and health plays no part? This question is asked way too many times in forums of hair loss for men and women – and its time to debunk some myths and misconceptions about this. Health has […]