Diabetes does mean couch potato, and that means hair thinning

exercise and hair

As the title of this post suggests – many people will wonder why such an absolute title (apart from trying to attract new readers) – there is a lot of truth in lack of exercise, and diabetes causing hair loss and aging.

The good news is, no matter what your age is, you can still reverse and regenerate depending on how dedicated you are – you don’t have to climb mount everest – you just have to beat your personal best – even if that is walking 5 minutes a day – after a week, beat that to 10 minutes a day, and so on – and even add more types of exercises. It is now understood that diabetes can be reversed with diet and exercise, please read here.

The point is to increase body maintenance at your comfort zone – we always talk about getting out of the comfort zone, but when it comes to exercising, if you push too hard, or think you need to do a lot to get real results with improving health or just to help hair growth, you can easily break down, and this is not the way most people start off anyway – even the best of athletes out there, start at their comfort zone, master it, and build up tiny step at a time.

Yes, some days are harder, some aren’t – point is consistently doing the exercises, to maintain your body.

The body is like a car – if you maintain it, you can last looking great till your last breathe on this earth – sorry if that is too dramatic, but this is how it is from one way of looking at it – not trying to make you feel bad or anything – life is beautiful, and I feel like I should post about taking care of your health and body and emotional well being, just as much as anything else – it too has a right to be here, after all, that is part of the quality of life in the 21st century.

I am not a vain person myself – but I rather keep a healthy body, that looks good – but hey, even I don’t have 6 pack abs – I am just referring to constant healthy maintenance of the body, it goes a long way – more than doctors can tell you actually (partly because they just haven’t studied the natural aspects of the body, only the pharmaceutical disease side).

Top exercises for hair growth:

– Scalp massage

– Cardio exercises (that make you breathless for 30 minutes a day)

– Weight training (not very heavy weights, just enough to make you work)

– Yoga/Qigong exercises to help ligament development and prevent degeneration over time (must be done regularly to get the benefits)

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