Diet to Increase hair density – 5 Must know Secrets

food which is good for hair┬áThere are a lot myths surrounding hair growth and increasing hair density, either with food, or anything else. The main misunderstanding is, that you can change hair growth and density with just changing or improving 1 aspect of your life – like diet, or exercise.

It is true that nutritious food is essential for hair growth and density; so let’s first start with the best diet for increasing hair density.

First and foremost, a lean meat (beef) diet is important; combined with steamed leafy greens. This combination strengthens the hormone system even if you stay on the diet for 2 weeks (only beef and spinach, with lamb, chick and white fish sometimes to mix it up).

This diet will give you enough protein and nutrients for fast and thicker hair growth – but the secret to really seeing results is by changing your diet, and then also adding the following things on top:

– Scalp Massage: This is the most misunderstood exercise you can do; also the most powerful. It will unblock and detox the scalp if done only 15 minutes a day. Use this to your advantage and increase hair density by scalp massage.

– Exercise for lungs: The lungs are the main detoxifier of the body (many people do not know this). If you exercise and get breathless for at least 30 minutes a day, then you can push new hair growth out on the scalp. This is because it will push blood flow to the extremities (which is key in increasing hair density) and the stronger lungs will actually detox the body better, removing inflammation from the body (inflammation is a main cause of hair thinning for most men and women).

– Anti-inflammatory products: There are products out there that can help push the hair growth, but you need to be already doing the above to get a great chance to get significant hair growth. Please see our homepage for the top rated hair thickening products in the industry.

The real secret is to combine the above, and stay consistent – you will be surprised why not more people have thicker hair; and the reason is they give up quickly, and doubt easily, so they cannot stay consistent enough to start seeing positive results.

Bonus: If you wash your scalp with a cold water after a shower (top of head only, not the back of the head), this helps hair growth. But make sure you have done scalp massage on a daily basis. This is an eastern method that works, and is based on the understanding that heat (hormone) rises to the top of the head, and this can burn hair follicles – to stop this from progressing, is to cool the top part from the hormonal heat (this is an eastern medical terminology).

Now you know the secrets that most people don’t; and thousands of articles online don’t and simply list silly oils and remedies for hair growth which really don’t work at all.