Does cutting hair constantly help hair get thicker?

hair growth and detox

This is a very common question, and often older family members teach younger ones how shaving your head, or trimming will make your hair grow better.

But the truth is, it only makes it look better – but does not actually grow.

If you think about it logicaly, how can you stop inflammation by just cutting the hair? We already know inflammation as the root cause of all hair loss, even genetic hair loss, hormone hair loss and any other stress induced hair loss – all boil down to one factor: Inflammation in the scalp.

The best way to get rid of inflammation is by diet and localized herbs on the scalp – diet changes are long term and you have to remove foods that cause inflammation – and inflammation basically feeds off of sugar in the body – the more sugar you eat, the highier inflammation you will and can get.

Not only this, but sugar will mess with your hormones, not just insulin – so you will mess up your hair even further with sugar abuse.

If you have been a sweet tooth – you need to realize, sugar means fat too, it also means high calorie carbs too – and when you have abused sugar like this in the past, you must go on a diet of lean beef and spinich to help reverse the damage done to hormones, and then in turn hair growth.

The other way to handle inflammation is localized – and this is by using hair thickening products like the Taoist soap, listed on our homepage as the top hair thickening product of the last 5 years – but you still cannot only rely on products, you need to use them in conjunction with diet, and even exercise as well as scalp massage.

If you just do the things listed on this post – we promise, you will see results – you can email us if you don’t and we will investigate why – but if you do this regime for at least 3 months – with diet included, then we promise you will see results – they will vary for each person, but long term, it will help slow down hair loss, increase hair density and much more.