Does Sugar make your hair fall out?

does sugar make your hair fall out

People often have asked us emailing or commenting about sugar’s relation with hair loss; and if sugar can cause hair loss or make hair fall out faster?

It is not a simply question to answer in a small answer; but generally, if you already have some kind of hormone problem (which you may or may not know, as today, many people do have some kind of hormone problem) – then it is likely that sugar is your number one enemy.

But what do we mean by sugar? 

Sugar means all kinds of foods. From all carbohydrates, including rice, bread and pasta; to all fruits and many vegetables too. And of course all fats and actual natural or processed sugar.
People with a hormone problem will suffer more hair loss when eating sugar related foods such as listed above – as their average blood sugar level is way too high.

In fact, they are so used to having such high sugar levels, they feel they need to eat just when the sugar levels reduce to normal or healthy levels.

You can think of it from an aging point of view – because sugar increases aging, and this is known very clearly as it contributes to high calorie diets. World hair research also pointed this out in this study of insulin hormone resistance.

The study also shows that reduced calorie has an anti aging effect – this has been known for a long time now, and this will affect your thick hair in many ways than just one.

When looking at it from an Eastern medical point of view; they do also say that sugar will help clogging of vessels and further create hormone imbalance, and that to correct it, a lean meat and leafy green diet is to be adhered to; this means you only have beef and leafy greens for a period of time, anywhere from 3 months to 1 year and a half.

This diet alone will actually resolve all sugar related imbalances, and the person can actually eat sugar again without getting the huge negative side effects they were getting such as hair loss and feeling low of energy (hence the vicious cycle of wanting sugar to give it a boost). Leafy greens include anything that looks like its leafy green excluding lettuce leaves. Ideally it should only be beef and spinach (steamed leaves not raw) – but you can add chicken and lamb and white fish – but if you get inflammation of any kind, then go back to beef as the other meats are considered hot and may induce inflammation that you are already prone towards.

The above really does sum it up – yes sugar can cause hair loss, and yes if you are diabetic, this is surely having a contribution towards thinning hair; but the good news is, that changing the diet will help heal this problem – it is not commonly known, and western doctors are not aware of this as much as they should be (although some very good ones do know) – it is a hard diet to stick to, but it will really renew your system and you will look years younger, not only because of the hair growth, but also because your skin and eyes will brighten.