Genetic Hair loss Has a Cure – Things you May not Know

genetics and hair loss overcoming

A lot of doctors talk about genetics being the sole factor in deciding if you will be bald or not; but this is a huge misconception about genetics and needs to be fully understood.

Yes, our DNA is a factor that tells the cells on how to replicate and respond as well as what skin colour hair colour and eye colours we have – but anyone, scientist or doctor, till this day, cannot say that genetics is a factor that will 100% decide if you will be bald or not – because we have not fully understood the entire DNA system, and how it works – on top of that, DNA is part of the equation – there is RNA expression, which is what the body is expressing at that point in time – which is known to change constantly (based on your habits, diet and natural environment, including internal emotional state) – some studies also clearly show, DNA is constantly changing throughout our lives based on our actions.

Until they can use a DNA sample, to trace out every segment of the human face and trait of the individual’s DNA, it is silly to say that genetics limit us in any way – yes there are safe caps on it, but these have been seen to be broken on certain circumstances which we do not yet fully understand – so it is almost misleading to ever say genetics are a limiting factor.

In this blog we often discuss using natural ways to thickening hair – but we also talk about products that may help create a better environment for the scalp (such as reduction of inflammation) – and we have seen these techniques and products to work, to those who choose to stick them and move on with life.

We already know, beyond theory, that the body has the ability to regenerate itself – from our very Liver, which is known for regenerating itself, even when you remove 80% of the liver – it regrows – if the body is capable of doing such things; things like hair loss is not a problem – we just have not yet figured out how by 100% – we do know inflammation is the root cause of it, and to stop inflammation you can do certain diets, avoid certain foods, take certain supplements and even use a few products (which is not really needed – as change of lifestyle can be enough – although scalp massage is seen as vital from the studies done).