Genetic Hair loss – What is it and How to Treat it Successfully?

genetics for hair loss

There are a lot of people with the complete misunderstanding of genetic based hair loss – even Doctors are not in full knowledge of hair loss caused by genetics, they simply say this because they are taught this in medical school, but scientists who are in this field, know otherwise.

Genetics is not a fully understood science – and to say a statement such as genetic diseases is far out of reach to conclude – this is because until we can take a DNA sample of a person, and using that DNA, draw out how the person will look like, we cannot say something like “your hair loss is caused by genetics”.

Even if we were at that stage that we fully understand genetics, and someone said genetic hair loss is not possible to cure – it would again, be a total inaccurate statement; because we recently now know, that your DNA is constantly changing based on your current and passed patterns (eating, exercise and emotional states and general life style) – this very fact that DNA is constantly changing (see this article for a detailed explanation on genetics), should prove to an individual, that there is no such thing as genetic hair loss, or any genetic disease for that matter.

The only thing we can say is, if its in your family, its more likely to be in you, because it is likely you adopted the same life style as your parents and grandparents, and are prone to it – if you changed your lifestyle – had a healthier approach, you would not face these things.

By healthier – we mean, cardio fitness is maintained, as well as muscular fitness (click to see article on this) – and if you have hair thinning, things like scalp massage and regularly use of anti-inflammatory products are recommended – as well as supplements for hair growth.

There are many ways to help your thinning hair – for men and women – whatever stage you are – but you need to have the dedication to keep doing it, and not stressing about results as much (as it takes some time getting used to the change of life style). For example, a sugar addict will take time to change from eating suagr (carbs/fats/sugar) foods to more lean protein foods, and the body too will take its time adjusting – after this, hormones will be more stable, inflammation will be at an all time low, thus hair growth will naturally increase and thicken.

Only when you have done all the above, you can look at hair thickening products that will help you support the growth of thicker hair.