Monistat for Hair Growth Reviews

monistat for hair growth reviews

The Monistat cream has been around a while Рwith a new apparent use, of possibly helping hair growth. We look into if it works, and Monistat reviews by third party users and their results on hair growth from it Рif any.

We also will explain and look into why this would even works if at all – and the limitations and side effects of applying it on the scalp and hair for hair growth.

Miconazole Nitrate is the ingredient that is in the Monistat cream – and some people have been claiming that it is being used for hair growth, and from the looks of it, it is only an anti-fungal cream, and is designed to fight fungal infections.

From third party reviews of the Monistat cream; it seems like people do not get new hair growth from using it; only a small percentage (less than 1%) have reported they do get results from this that are worthwhile – but according to our research team, they say that if results are less than 20% , then it is likely simply a placebo effect.

This means that the actual cream is not working, but only an effect called placebo effect, which somehow improves the condition (even if you are using another cream or product) – this is measured under 20% – anything over this is not a placebo effect category.

So is Monistat worth buying for growing new hair for men or women?

From the research, we found that it is better to actually use an anti-inflammatory product, to help regrow hair, as well as combine it with scalp massage and exercises (cardio). Please see our list of the top hair thickening products chart here. it shows the most effective products that are known for helping hair growth, as well as ones that don’t work at all.

The only case an anti-fungal cream will work for hair growth is that if you actually had a scalp fungus infection Рand even then, it would need more powerful topical applications to get rid of this infection Рincluding keeping the hair clean and washed, as well as applying relevant anti-fungal cream on the scalp.  If you still suffer from inflammation, or an itchy scalp, then it is better to use the other products listed on our homepage Рas they help resolve this almost instantly.