Niacin results on hair fall for men and women – Does it help?

beauty and hair fall¬†Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is known to increase circulation to the body’s areas where circulation has slowed down, or stopped. It has been found that it is very effective in repairing the body relating to nerves and circulation – can this help patients with hair fall (hair loss) when taken over long term to increase hair growth density?

New study done in September 2017 by Richard Frankson in New Jersey, USA says that Niacin can help with hair growth and increasing hair density for patients, but the exact cause is not verified 100% – although they have a lot of reason to believe that increased blood circulation in the area of the scalp and back of the neck, as well as repairing of nerves around the body (which is something we know niacin does) causes reduced anxiety, allowing the lost hair to regrow to some extent.

This is a great example of how vitamin dosage, when done right, can help patients with hair fall, and do not know what the cause of it is – and want to get their beauty back (if they feel this is part of their beauty).

There are various hair thickening products out there that are artificially enhancing but do not actually help new hair growth, or stop further hair loss Рbut at least for temporary fixes, they can help Рon the other side, there are some products here, that can help with finding a better solution.