Products to Thicken Hair – Top Rated and Reviewed

Products to Thicken Hair

There are many products to thicken hair growth in men and women – but how to know if the product is made to simply artificially enhance hair, or genuinely cause new hair growth, is what will make or break your hair growth regime plan.

There is currently a big problem in the EU and US markets as they seem to have more trust in products as they think that due to strict marketing regulations, claims on products are very carefully taken care of, so they can trust whatever the company advertises on the product advert or packaging.

Many companies can get away with making general claims about products, and by adding certain ingredients in the product in a certain amount, they can easily say that their product will help hair growth and thickening, when in reality, it artificially inflates the hair shaft, not only causing more inflammation (which is the cause of why your hair is thinning in the first place!) but also thinning the hair over long term use (so you need to use more of the apparent hair thickening product).

So what Hair Thickening Products are there THAT ACTUALLY FRIKKEN WORK?

There are some – but that does not mean you should rely on them – these can be found on our homepage here:

The homepage is updated on a monthly basis to make sure it is updated with the latest updated hair thickening products out there, from the furthest west to the furthest east (we like applying both eastern and western medicine to understand why each product may or may not work and how to make it work for someone not getting as good results as the next person).

So will these products grow my hair just after using?

You need to understand natural hair growth and any NATURAL way to heal or renew the body requires you to review all aspects of your life – there is a reason it is called holistic – it is whole. Looks at the whole body – meaning all aspects, including emotions, mental, body – which means your relationships (affects stress and hormones in your body) to your diet (affects how your body deals with stress and hormones including inflammation).

So for example, if there is someone who has a habit of over-reacting to certain situations; it is likely that their body response is similar when it comes to inflammation; which can respond more than needed, and cause damage – (inflammation is the key cause of hair thinning in men and women – even if you have a hormone problem, genetic or anything else!).

So you should build a regime, we aren’t affiliated with any of the companies we list on the website – but we like to give you the best methods, tools and products out there – so be open enough to understand things involved, before going through the scrutinizing process that we all do in the background.