Will Liver and Kidney Detox Regrow Hair?

liver detox for hair growth┬áThere is a lot of hype on detox these days thanks to the celebrities online and offline – but will liver and kidney detox help with regrowing thicker hair?

In chinese medicine, the Kidneys control the hair on the head, and in this respect, there are ways to help tonify the Kidneys to help as a general way, towards pushing new hair growth – although a regime is important if you really wish to grow thicker hair and regrow hair, as this is different from individual to individual.

Another place where toxins gather is the Liver, and this still manifests in the eyes – whilst not having a direct relation with hair on the scalp, it still has relation with nerves, and these need to be strong if the daily stresses of life are to not affect your hormone system – as increased release of the stress hormone cortisol can also have a negative impact – not only that, weak nerves can also work to tighten the blood circulation, which also prevents new hair growth, let alone keeping the current hair maintained and looking healthy.

What is the best way to detox the Liver and Kidney for health and hair growth?

The generally best way that can be done long term is using organic fruit based vinegar (but not apple cider, as this can affect teeth negatively) – you can find these vinegars in Korean markets or shops like Hmart (available in USA, and UK and also a lot of the EU). These vinegars do not label themselves as organic, usually, but thanks to strict Korean government standards, this still means organic, as they do not allow pesticides in most of the produce from Korea.

To use the vinegar, you take 1 teaspoon of the vinegar, and mix it in half a glass of water – and drink it once a day. Do not take it more than once a day, as this will have negative effects if done long term.

Mixing this in water makes it easier to take, and also helps spread this to the liver and kidneys – over time, this also starts to detox the scalp, the vessels in the body, other organs, the intestines and everything else – but this is long term use – and should be thought of that way – so you can do this for years.

This also will help those who suffer from acid problems, and also improve nutrient absorption. After two weeks of use, you can already see hair growth is better quality; as long as you are eating enough nutrition (take collagen supplements if you don’t already).

You can also try some of the top hair thickening products on our website. But don’t rely on any one single product; do the above first for at least a month, and then start with any products. Also learn more about hair loss so you know what you are dealing with.